Liberty Fuse Records is proud to announce the second release, the "Beyond The Vast, Endless Sea" from The Orchid. The Orchid is a four-piece instrumental post-rock band from Washington, DC. Part shoegaze, part post-punk, part psychedelia, their sound is an effects-laden lull and attack on the listener. It is a dialectic of jubilation and gloom; confidence and uncertainty; discord and resolution; anticipation and crescendo.
The Orchid | Beyond The Vast, Endless Sea
Follow-up album from the DC post-rock (now) quintet. Recorded at Bastille Studios in Arlington VA, "Beyond The Vast, Endless Sea" expands and builds from their previous work.
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The Orchid | New Mexico EP
Debut EP from The Orchid, a four piece instrumental post-rock band from the nation's capital. Recommended if you like Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Do Make Say Think, Mono
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CITY-STATE | Monument
Follow up album featuring 9 tracks, 5 of which were recorded with the legendary Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studios.
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CITY-STATE | 'Wolves' +4
Self-recorded and self-produced, this debut EP captures that shimmering, yet stark area where early 80's post-punk meets modern day brit-pop. A sure have for fans of Interpol, The Cure, Elbow, U2, and Radiohead.
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Glenndoring | Tour2000 ep
All four tracks were recorded live at that year's MACRoCk Festival in Harrisonburg, VA. This was a limited CD-R run so only a few items are left. Once these run out, that's it, there'll be no more. They're sure to be a collector's item. This ended up being their last release.

Glenndoring | self-titled EP
The debut release from the Washington DC quartet, Glenndoring. The self-titled CDep contains three songs that are a departure from the music typically associated with the nation's capital. This release depicts the breadth of Glenndoring's sound; from the quiet melodic "Always" to the textured melodies of "Our Arms Around the Sky" and the swelling sonic landscape of "#5 (mendigo)". These songs combine to create a sound that captures mood and invokes emotion.
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LF 01.00
Promximity Fuse/East Liberty split 7"
This release represents the maiden voyage for East Liberty and Proximity Fuse, as well as Liberty Fuse Records. Proximity Fuse picks up where previous DC emo and post-hardcore bands, such as Hoover and Rites of Spring, left off. "Moving Sidewalk" captures the band's understanding of the importance of dynamics and unrestrained aggression. East Liberty's side of the seven inch contains two songs which span the range of the band's sound. "Shelf-life" represents the straight up pop side of East Liberty, while "Organ Pop number Ten" touches upon heavier subject matter which is reflected in the mood of the music.